Adventures in the Hocking Hills

A taste for adventure?  Hocking Hills Provides everything from Canoeing, Rock Climbing, and Horseback Riding.

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours

Canoeing in the Hocking Hills

Ohio's first zipline canopy tour. Nature-lover meets thrill-seeker in this exciting tree-top adventure. Professional guides will lead you along 10 ziplines and three rope bridges that offer a never-before-seen perspective of the beautiful Hocking Hills.

Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing in the Hocking Hills State Park

Hocking State Forest is managed under the multiple-use concept with special emphasis on maintaining or creating a forest cover that will enhance woodland recreation. The area is also managed for timber and wildlife habitat, forestry research and demonstrations of good forest management, natural beauty, tree seed for forest nurseries and protection of soils and watershed.

Earth-Water-Rock: Outdoor Adventures

Earth Water Rock Outdoor Adventures

Hocking Hills Rock Climbing and Rappelling trips and so much more! We provide quality outdoor adventure trips and outdoor skills instruction to people of all ages and abilities!

Adventure Golf

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One of the most challenging and beautiful miniature golf courses you will ever play. Thousands of flowers, streams and waterfall. Great family fun. Free petting zoo. Come and enjoy one of the great American pastimes at Adventure Golf.

Hocking Hills Nature Trails

Hocking Hills ATV Adventures

ATV rental and training facility focused on family oriented riding. ATV rentals are available at multiple locations across the Hocking Hills region including their private property location on Sauerkraut Rd, near Logan, Ohio and on the Wayne National Forest OHV trail system. ATV rentals, ATV rider training and repair service are all available at the Sauerkraut Rd. venue. All rentals include one-on-one training from staff along with trail and equipment orientation. Guided and unguided trail riding is offered.

Air Tours

Air Tours of the Hocking Hills

Come fly the sky trails above the scenic vistas of the Hocking Hills and capture the wonder of the region's natural beauty. Clearly see the fascinating geological footprints preserved from antiquity.


Hocking Hills ATV Adventures

We design fun and challenging playgrounds in nature! Where you feel safe to be totally yourself, connecting to trees, nature and others. You will never look at trees or yourself the same again!

OFF-ROAD Segway Adventure Package

OFF-ROAD Segway Adventure Package

Another "FIRST" from the innovative team at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours!

Our OFF-ROAD Segway® Adventures will take you on a 1.5 to 2 hour guided nature tour, showcasing the unique features of the area - all while experiencing the thrill of a state-of-the-art Off-Road SegwayX2! (The "second" coolest way to enjoy the outdoors at Hocking Hills Canopy Tours*)

Designed to be extremely "intuitive" to drive, these "all-terrain"SegwayX2's are an adventure in themselves. You'll feel like it's reading your mind as you glide along the rugged paths taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of the natural surroundings.

As you master the Segway you'll discover ancient recessed caves, the scenic Hocking River, majestic old growth trees, native plants and wildlife and much more... all in an up-close and personal way.